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Teacher Training for Lower Secondary Schools ("Werkreal-, Haupt- und Realschule")

B.A. Education

The multifaceted course programs of the Bachelor of Arts Education (lower secondary) and the Bachelor of Science Education (lower secondary) provide students both with an occupational qualification and the opportunity to pursue a number of options after graduating. As well as enabling students to study a Master´s course with associated teacher training qualifications, graduates are prepared for entering into diverse professional fields or taking up postgraduate study in an academic field unrelated to teaching.

Course objectives

The course´s focus is on the school and social education of children and adolescents aged 10 to 17.

Students acquire an in-depth knowledge of the contents and contexts of the educational sciences and acquire substantiated qualifications encompassing specialized knowledge and specialized teaching methodologies. Furthermore, students gain key skills in media and health education as well as gender sensibility and teamwork. In addition to proficiency in diagnostics and pupil support, students will develop intercultural knowledge and the capability to teach in an integrative and inclusive context. 

Course content and structure

Students who study lower secondary are qualified purely as subject teachers. Besides the chosen specialisation, which enables students to continue to further study in that field, students are also trained in educational sciences.

For this reason the teacher training programme at the Karlsruhe University of Education consists of the following central aspects:
Specialised knowledge, specialized teaching methodology (subject 1 and 2), educational sciences and practical school training.
The basic structure of the BA Education (lower secondary)/BSc Education (lower secondary) and the distribution of credit points is as follows:

Choice of Subjects

When choosing a subject combination for the Bachelor Ba Education (lower secondary), the following is to be considered:

Two subjects are to be chosen from the following:

Please note that the subjects you chose will be weighted differently in the Bachelor´s program: Subject 1 covers 65+10 CP; subject 2 covers 37+10 CP.

The subject weighting will be inverted for the Master´s program so that, at the end of the MA, you will have 84 CP in subject 1 and 79 CP in subject 2. 


A special feature of teacher education at the Karlsruhe University of Education are the practical school studies. At our university, the first internship is completed usually after the first semester and framed by an additional course related to the internship. The other internships are complemented by accompanying courses. Students can try themselves out in the classroom and learn about the life in school from the teacher’s perspective. Internships during the studies ensure the reasonable choice of profession and the link between theory and practice. 

Differentiation of Europe Magisterium / M.Ed. Secondary level (Europe Magisterium)

Nowadays, many educational institutions look for teachers with bilingual skills, including teaching the content subjects in a foreign language and the contribution to the development of intercultural competences. Even in secondary schools, the demand for specifically trained teachers steadily increases. The University of Education Karlsruhe provides the profiling Europe Magisterium for secondary education in the target languages English or French, which qualifies for the broad educational work in an intercultural context.