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Academic programmes & Courses

Degree Programmes

Karlsruhe University of Education offers a wide range of academic programmes leading to professions in education. This includes initial degree programmes leading to a first university degree as well as master, add-on, postgraduate and doctoral programmes.

Teacher Training Programmes

The teaching profession is sophisticated and versatile. We provide research-based training. The future teacher develops high personal and social skills as well as motivation.
Karlsruhe University of Education offers the following degree programmes:

  • B.A. in Education
  • M.Ed. Primary
  • B.A. / B.Sc. in Secondary Education
  • M.Ed. Secondary

Today in many educational institutions, teachers with bilingual skills are much in demand. To meet this demand, the Karlsruhe University of Education also provides two initial degree programmes in this area:

  • Bilingual Profile for Primary Schools
  • Bilingual Profile for Lower Secondary Schools

Add-on Qualifications for Teacher Training

Add-on courses allow students to expand their expertise in order to be optimally prepared for their future career. They are available in two areas:

  • All fields of study which are school subjects can be studied as extension courses.
  • Competences in a defined interdisciplinary area can be acquired. The current add-on courses are Intercultural Education and Multilingualism, Media Education as well as Islamic Theology and Religious Education.


While studying students may acquire different certificates. The certificates provide future teachers with an individual profile. Certificates focus on the following aspects:
Professional Orientation
, Health Education, Teaching-Learning Methodology, Media usage in the classroom, Mentoring and All-Day School, which is a new concept in Germany.

Bachelor`s Degree Programmes

Since the beginning of winter semester 2015/16, Karlsruhe University of Education has been offering B. A. and B. Sc. degree programmes in the field of teaching (primary and lower secondary level). An optional profile of bilingual teaching is also offered within these programmes.

In addition, Karlsruhe University of Education offers two further Bachelor`s degree programmes. The programme “Physical Activity, Health and Recreation” with the core subjects sports science, health education and leisure education, prepares graduates for a career in organisations which have cooperation and communication between people as their main concerns.

The Bachelor`s programme in Childhood Education (previously called “Special Instructions on Language and Education of Movements”) qualifies for professional work within the context of education and child care for children aged 0-12. The course of studies is theoretically and practically oriented. The degree programme covers basic theoretical and empirical modules relating to current problems and questions in the area of childhood education.

Master's Degree Programmes

The master's degree programmes offer students the opportunity to broaden their research expertise:

  • Master of Philosophy and Science of Education
  • Master of Arts in Intercultural Education, Migration and Plurilingualism
  • Master of Science in Sports and Movement in Childhood and Adolescence

Doctoral and Post-doc Degrees

Our institution offers  the possibility to obtain a doctoral degree in Education (Dr. paed. or Dr. phil.). The doctorate allows young scientists to expand their competences in independent research.

Karlsruhe University of Education also has the right to grant the "Habilitation" which is the highest qualification a scholar can achieve by his/her own pursuit in Germany (second doctoral degree).