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Big Band of the Karlsruhe University of Education

Glenn Miller is considered one of the musicians who made swing rhythms socially acceptable. This exceptionally gifted jazz trombonist brought this kind of music to Germany and would undoubtedly be delighted by the Big Band of the Karlsruhe University of Education.

This Big Band, consisting of 18 students from the Karlsruhe University of Education and the University of Applied Sciences, was founded in 1999 by Victoria Kahnes. They all share a passion for music. The repertoire of the Big Band covers nearly all facets of swing music at a high musical level and the Band calls itself a “band which put you in a good mood”. When you look at the faces of the audience after the concerts, then you can see how true this is.

Gigs at regional open air festivals like “Klassik am Turm” (Classics at the Tower) in Durlach and the “Hofgutfest” (Court Estate Festival) in Hohenwettersbach as well as performances at different local celebrations and at the graduation ceremonies of the Universities are part of the annual Big Band programme.

Learn more about the Big Band and upcoming performances on the Big Band’s web page (in German).