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The Teaching and Learning Workshop Karlsruhe

Founded in 1984, the Karlsruhe Teaching and Learning Workshop was the first practical teaching institution at a university of education in Germany. Its aim is to provide the concrete materials to experience important concepts of current teaching methodology based on constructivist learning. Additionally, the Teaching and Learning Workshop tries to encourage students and interested teachers to foster self-motivated learning at schools and universities.

Therefore the Teaching and Learning Workshop offers a wide range of materials and suggestions useful for designing, preparing and implementing school lessons. It helps students to acquire professional teaching experience and to put theoretical knowledge into practice in school teaching.

In the course of years, the Teaching and Learning Workshop has become an established place for exchange and communication and receives a lot of positive feedback from the students. We invite you to come by to get an idea of the Teaching and Learning Workshop yourself!

Learn more about the Teaching and Learning Workshop on our web pages (in German).



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