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Doctoral Level

At the Karlsruhe University of Education, there are two types of doctoral degrees. A doctoral dissertation in Education or the teaching methodology of a school subject can lead to the degree of Dr. pead. A dissertation in other fields can lead to the degree of Dr. phil.

Admission Requirements
The admission requirements are an initial degree from a degree course with a standard length of at least eight semesters or a post-graduate course from a University of Education. In both cases, an above-average all-over mark is required; the marks 1 (very good) and 2 (good) are considered above average.

Degrees from foreign universities must be considered equivalent to the required degree level from a German university.

Admission as a Doctoral Candidate
If the admission requirements are fulfilled, an application can be made to the Faculty responsible for the subject of the proposed dissertation. The Board of that Faculty (Fakultätsrat) makes the decision on admission.


Post-Doctoral Level

The Karlsruhe University of Education has the power to grant independently the German post-doctoral qualification called "Habilitation". The "Habilitation" recognizes the ability to conduct research and teach at the tertiary level in a particular subject or subject area.

Admission Requirements
A candidate may be admitted to the post-doctoral level who

  • has a doctoral degree from a German university or equivalent scholarly institution or has an equivalent degree form a foreign scholarly university;
  • can demonstrate that he/she has worked in a scholarly capacity for at least two years in the field of the proposed "Habilitation". Exceptions to this two-year rule may be made by the "Habilitation" committee in well-founded individual cases;
  • can show that he/she has taught in school for several years. In well-founded cases the "Habilitation" committee can accept equivalent education-related experience.

Admission as Post-Doctoral Candidate
The request to be admitted as a post-doctoral candidate is made in writing to the Dean of the Faculty responsible for the subject of the proposed post-doctoral project.