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Welcome to the website of the family friendly Karlsruhe University of Education!

In the past few years Karlsruhe University of Education has been working on becoming a family friendly institution. After being certified as a ‘family friendly university’ by the ‘berufundfamilie GmbH’ in 2006, Karlsruhe University of Education has been an official partner of the Karlsruhe alliance for families since 2009.

Compatibility of studies/job and family
Being able to have a family while studying or working at this university is part of our mission statement.
We provide you with the following:

Individual counselling and support for students with or without children through the office of equal opportunities.
In order to make an appointment, please call +49 721 925 4100 (Mondays- Thursdays from 10 – 11.30am) or send an email to gleichstellungsbuero(at)ph-karlsuhe.de.

On our internet platform stud.IP, there is a study group called ‘Studieren mit Kind’ where you can keep up to date on current topics, meetings and events and
get in touch with other student parents. We’re looking forward to meeting many new members.

The ‘Krabbelstube ’ at the University of Education: Professional child care workers take care of student’s children during lectures.

The online guide for students with children is the result of an initiative of the alliance for families in Karlsruhe.

Together with the ‘Diakonie’ and Karlsruhe student union, several universities in Karlsruhe and Pforzheim, including Karlsruhe University of Education, have prepared information and addresses with links to different websites. The topics range from ‘counselling’, ‘day-care’ to ‘studying abroad with children’.

Click on the picture on the left to access the online guide.

Nappy changing table at the University of Education:
Freely accessible nappy changing tables are located in building IV, room 434 (Ladies bathroom) as well as in building I (Krabbelstube in lower ground of building I). Additionally, there is a nursing chair, a refrigerator to store breast milk or baby food and a microwave to heat up meals for your child.

A welcome event for student parents will take place at the beginning of the winter semester during Introduction Week.

The city of Karlsruhe’s free online babysitter directory provides possibilities to upload offers and requests. In this way babysitters and families who need them can find eachother quickly and easily.

Parents and child learning area at the Badische Landesbibliothek Wissenstor (state library) in Karlsruhe:
The state library in Karlsruhe enables students and parents with academic work  to study in a family-friendly atmosphere. For children there is the possibility to play in the same room while their parents study. Further information can be found on the homepage of the Badische Landesbibliothek Karlsruhe.

Parents’ café: Karlsruhe student union regularly organises a parent - child meeting in cooperation with AStA KIT. It takes place at KIT and is about exchanging information and getting together in a comfortable atmosphere. Parents who are studying at other universities are more than welcome to join. For further information go to AStA KIT or visit Abteilung Beratung & Soziales des Studierendenwerks Karlsruhe.

Mensa Kids: Students` children up to the age of ten are allowed to eat for free with the mensa-kids-card in cafeterias in Baden-Württemberg. For further information and an application form for the Mensa-kids-card visit Studierendenwerk Karlsruhe.